Pieces of Advice From a Landscaping Contractor on Landscaping Activities for Each Season

As the Season Changes

The majority of house owners will probably find the time to redesign their landscaping once they have the funds to do so and look for a reliable landscaping contractor to work with them. However, before you do any revamping on your lawn, let us first discuss what you can do with your landscape in each of the four seasons.


Pros: Spring is the ideal time to tidy up your garden after a long, chilly winter. You can replant, fertilize, and scatter seeds, and mulch flowerbeds during this time. Existing plants are used in each of the activities mentioned.

Cons: It is not advised to redesign your landscape at this time of year, as planting could crowd out the current plants. The potential for uprooting existing bulbs means that flowerbeds are at risk.


Pros: Summer is the best time to spend time in the gardens. You are encouraged and inspired to work on landscaping improvements like a garden path or patio because the lovely daylight lasts longer.

Cons: It is not recommended to redesign the entire landscape in the summer because the temperature may soar and cause the plants to wilt. Additionally, this is the best time to go on vacation, and fresh plants will then be neglected with your departure.


Pros: Of all the seasons, fall is the ideal time to redesign your landscaping. This is the time of year when the temperature starts to decrease without the overnight frosts, making it possible to water new plants with ease. Perennials, shrubs, and trees planted now will have time to develop a root system, preparing them for later when the season changes to spring.


Cons: You’re probably not planning on redesigning your garden in the winter. During this time of year, you can focus on removing snow from your lawn. Nevertheless, it’s the best time to plan for the upcoming spring and what you want to accomplish in your garden by then.

Fall is the perfect time to redesign a landscape. However, for year-round expert landscaping contractor services, get in touch with High Desert Vista Landscaping in the Yucca Valley, CA region. Call us at (760) 230-4448.

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