Looking for a Two in One Lawn Mower?

Looking for a Two in One Lawn Mower?  

Will a Landscaping Service Have a Mulching Lawn Mower?

A mulching landscaping service uses machines which mow the grass without leaving behind any clippings. The design of this lawn mower uses special blades which chew and cut lawn clippings into a fine mulch, after which they are just deposited back into the lawn. The result is a healthy lawn due to the regular application of mulch with every mowing.

The normal mulching mower does not come with a discharge chute. Instead of discharging clippings, the blade throws the clippings into the air to be cut by spinning blades. In kits that customise a standard mower into a mulching one, a block off plate is used to cover the chute which normally discharge the clippings. Some models come with a catch bag which uses a discharge chute to place mulch into the bag, this can be emptied in the users choice of location, landscaping specialists advise.

With homeowners growing concerned over chemicals and man-made fertilizers used on lawns, the mulching mower fills in the need for an eco-friendly machine. By making clippings and leaves usable, the standard lawn is then self-sufficient and more healthy. A homeowner is able to manage their lawn by deciding when to cut grass and when to let it grow.

For lawns that have an abundance of trees, the mulching mower can turn the fallen leaves into mulch which can be vacuumed and placed on a compost or container. This saves time raking leaves. With more US cities cutting back on leaf collection, the mulching mower is an excellent appliance for homeowners.

People suffering from allergies prefer to use this type of mower, as the mulching stops it from discharging pollens everywhere. This action permits an operator to breathe pollutant-free air when they mow. Dust is reduced by an enclosed deck, and noise is decreased by containing the sound of the mower’s blades. So should you hire a landscaping designer, ask them if they have these machines to save time.

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